Matt Ceramic Mugs

  Tiki mugs, drinking vessels generally made of ceramics, started in mid-twentieth century tropical themed caf├ęs and tiki bars. The expression "Tiki mugs" is a nonexclusive, cover term for sculptural beverage products that portray symbolism from Melanesia, Micronesia, or Polynesia, and all the more as of late anything tropical or identified with surfing. Frequently sold as keepsakes, tiki mugs are profoundly collectible. Current producers incorporate Muntiki and Tiki Farm. Singular craftsmen, for example, Van Tiki, likewise created restricted unique hand-etched mugs. A riddle ceramic mug is a mug that has some stunt forestalling typical activity. One model is a ceramic mug with various openings on the edge, making it difficult to drink from it in an ordinary manner. Despite the fact that it is enticing to get a handle on the body of the mug covering the obvious openings and drink the fluid in the standard way, this would pour the fluid through concealed holes close to the mug